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Workshops & Conferences

Sharing of knowledge and building capacity for conservation and animal management is a key role zoological institutions play. At WRS, we conduct and assist in organizing various workshops, symposiums, talks and conferences to gather experts to discuss and share the latest progress on various aspects of species conservation and management, strategize priorities and disseminate findings to a wider public audience.


Public talk: “The Turtle Extinction Crisis” by Dr. Brian Horne

Dr. Brian Horne, Turtle Coordinator for Wildlife Conservation Society and Postdoctoral Fellow of the San Diego Zoo Institute, gave a talk on “The Turtle Extinction Crisis” to 30 attendees from WRS, NParks, WCS, NUS and the public on 9 Dec 2011. Dr. Horne shared with the audience the past ten years of turtle conservation and new initiatives for preventing the extinction of the region’s turtles.

Dr. Brian Horne holding a Batagur affinis equipped with WRS funded tracking device

Public Seminar: Avian Identification, Conservation and Research of Singapore Avian Species

Jurong Bird Park, in collaboration with The South East Asian Biodiversity Society, held a 3-hour seminar on the biodiversity and conservation of birds in Singapore on 4 Dec 2011. This seminar brought together bird enthusiasts, researchers and conservationists to encourage interest in the conservation of Singapore’s native birds. Speakers included Dr. Minerva and Jessica Rozek from WRS and Yong Ding Li and Fam Shun Deng from the Southeast Asian Biodiversity Society. The speakers presented on the biodiversity and natural history of local bird species, basics of bird identification, field survey techniques and shared updates on their conservation status. About 50 attendees took part in the seminar, including guests from NParks, WCS and NUS.

Public talk: Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey by Prof. Herbert Covert

On 1 Dec 2011, Prof. Herbert Covert, professor and chair of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Colorado Boulder, gave a talk on “Primate Diversity and Conservation in Vietnam” to WRS staff, tertiary students, and governmental and non-governmental organizations. It provided a platform for the 40 attendees from WRS, NParks, WCS and NUS to learn more about some of the projects he is currently pursuing in Vietnam, in particular the conservation of the critically endangered Tonkin snub-nosed monkey.

Prof. Herbert Covert

Workshop: Amphibian Husbandry and Conservation Workshop

WRS, in partnership with Amphibian Ark and National University of Singapore, organized an Amphibian Conservation Workshop from 31 Oct to 2 Nov 2011 for 21 participants from WRS, NParks, RMBR and DHI Water and Environment and an Amphibian Husbandry Workshop from 3 Nov to 5 Nov for 12 WRS staff members. The 6-day programme covered theoretical and practical aspects of amphibian conservation and husbandry, equipping participants with the necessary skill sets and technique to raise awareness on amphibian issues and to initiate positive changes for native amphibian conservation. Instructors for the workshop included Ronald Gagliardo and Kevin Johnson from the Amphibian Ark, Dr Leong Tzi Ming and Dr David Bickford from NUS, Dr Brad Wilson from Taronga Zoo, Australia and Dr Nancy Karraker from the University of Hong Kong.

Public Seminar: Conserving Dugongs and Singapore Wild Marine Mammal Survey

WRS, in collaboration with James Cook University Singapore, held a public seminar on dugong conservation and the Singapore Wild Marine Mammal Survey on 24 Aug 2011. Professor Helene Marsh from James Cook University, Australia, gave a talk on the challenges of conserving dugongs in our region, focusing on issues of biodiversity, cultural diversity and food security. Dr Elizabeth Taylor from the Tropical Marine Science Institute discussed the work conducted through the Singapore Wild Marine Mammal Survey, a project funded by WRSCF. The 2.5 hour public seminar was attended by about 100 students and professionals from governmental and non-governmental organizations, including WRS staff.

Prof. Helene Marsh

Workshop: Studying and Monitoring Primate Behaviour: A Workshop for Asian Conservation Professionals

WRSCF and WRS in collaboration with San Diego Zoo Global, WAZA and Primate Conservation Inc. hosted this two-week primate workshop from 2 - 15 May 2011. The objectives of the workshop were to share technical skills and knowledge, as well as hands-on training for zoo professionals and primate conservationists. More than 30 participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Nepal, China and Taiwan attended the workshop. Local participants included WRS staff and students from the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. Intensive classroom lectures on primate taxonomy, behaviour and conservation, as well as primate welfare were conducted by lecturers Dr Chia Tan, Dr Sylvia Atsalis and Dr Lance Miller from San Diego Zoo Global. Participants also designed behavioural observation projects and went on field trips to study local primates such as the long-tailed macaques.

Workshop participants